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May 2015 Archives

Workplace injuries involving animals

Many workers in South Carolina may be doing more outdoor labor as the weather warms up and the days get longer. As more tasks are completed outside, workers are exposed to more outdoor hazards. One of these outdoor hazards is contact with snakes, bees, ticks and other creatures that can sometimes cause injuries to workers.

New safety regulations for confined spaces in construction

Many construction workers in South Carolina enter confined spaces while they are working. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, these workers can face many physical and atmospheric hazards as a result. On May 4, the federal agency announced a new safety standard for confined spaces on construction sites.

Some days are riskier for South Carolina drivers

It has been indicated that the risk of having a car accident can vary simply depending on the day. In fact, certain periods may prove riskier for motorists to occupy the roadways. Though some holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, have a reputation for an increase in the number of car accidents, drivers should be aware of other potentially dangerous times to be behind the wheel in order to exercise cautious driving.

Steps for South Carolina employers after workplace accidents

Workplace accidents can and do happen even when precautions are taken. While employees can take steps to ensure their own safety, the actions of managers and employers also make a difference. If an accident or injury occurs, there are some steps supervisors should follow.

Different outcomes in criminal and civil court

Families in South Carolina that feel a loved one's death was the fault of someone's negligent or willful actions sometimes decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Because there is a lower burden of proof in a civil lawsuit than in a criminal trial, there are cases where a person will be found innocent in criminal court but ruled at fault in the civil proceeding.

Hot weather can be hard on outside workers

South Carolina summers can be very hot, especially when its residents are outside working under the hot sun. The state's employers, therefore, may want to consider measures to protect their workers from heat-related health problems. More than 30 workers died nationwide from heat-related problems in 2012, according to the federal agency that monitors workplace safety.

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