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August 2015 Archives

An overview of wrong-way driving

While any accident on a South Carolina roadway can be serious, head-on collisions can be some of the most devastating accidents. One of the most familiar settings for a head-on collision is a two-lane highway, where visual obstructions can lead to poor decisions about passing a slow vehicle. However, wrong-way driving on divided highways or on freeways can also be a major problem.

Technologies may reduce drowsy driving accidents

Many South Carolina drivers probably recall the 2014 accident in New Jersey that left comedian Tracy Morgan in serious condition and another person dead. Although there were many questions regarding the accident, it was believed that the truck driver who caused the accident had not slept for 28 hours prior to the incident. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous and accounts for an estimated 25 percent of fatal accidents. As such, many companies are looking to technology to potentially reduce the number of drowsy driving accidents that occur.

The risks of contaminated water to South Carolina workers

When an eyewash station has not been properly maintained or filled with proper solution, it can cause serious injury to workers. Those who have recovered from cancer or other illnesses and have weak immune systems may be especially vulnerable. Additionally, those who have cuts or other injuries near the eye may provide an entrance for bacteria and other organisms to enter the body and cause infections.

OSHA addresses problem of workplace amputations

Workers in South Carolina can sustain permanent disabilities or lose their lives due to amputations at work. The industry that sees the highest numbers of worker amputations is the manufacturing sector. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2,000 worker amputations reported by manufacturing employers in 2013.

Railroads unprepared as safety deadline approaches

Train passengers in South Carolina may feel more comfortable riding the rails once a safety technology called positive train control is installed. For the last 40 years, the National Transportation Safety Board has been advising railroads to install PTC in order to prevent fatal accidents like the Amtrak crash that killed eight people in May. In 2008, Congress passed a rail safety law that gave railroads until Dec. 31, 2015, to install the technology.

Workplace injuries more common among new nurses

Newly licensed nurses in South Carolina and across the nation may be at a higher risk of being injured on the job than veteran nurses, according to a new study by the RN Work Project. The study, which was published by the International Journal of Nursing Studies, found that new nurses are injured more frequently due to longer working hours and heavier workloads.

Tips to keep lone workers safe in South Carolina

Workers are often encouraged to look out for their colleagues while on the job. However, this may prove to be impossible when an employee is working alone and away from others. To ensure the safety of solo workers, employers may want to take steps such as requiring that they have access to a phone or radio and check in with it regularly. Workers should also be required to check in when they return to the main work site.

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