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December 2015 Archives

Reports draw attention to work-related illnesses

Many workers in South Carolina fall ill after they are exposed to toxic substances on the job. According to government statistics, around 50,000 workers in the United States die each year because of work-related illnesses. In comparison, gun violence kills about 30,000 people each year. While shooting deaths draw a lot of public attention, deaths from work-related illnesses usually don't make the news.

Self-driving cars having problems interacting with regular cars

South Carolina drivers may want to be on the lookout for self-driving cars on the roads, as recent statistics have reported higher rates of accidents for them than for human drivers. Reportedly, all of the problems that have come to light so far have been minor.

Silica protections for workers to increase

Serious lung diseases can affect South Carolina workers who are exposed to excessive levels of silica dust. However, it has been more than 40 years since safety standards related to this hazard have been increased. Changes are set to be implemented by the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration in the coming months as maximum exposure levels for workers in the construction and marine sectors will be reduced.

New regulation requires truckers to log hours electronically

Drivers in South Carolina might be pleased to hear that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is putting a new regulation into place that requires commercial truckers and bus drivers to record their driving hours electronically. The aim of this rule is to prevent drowsiness and exhaustion, which contributes to serious accidents across the country.

South Carolina truckers must have proper brake systems

While state transportation laws vary, truckers and other commercial vehicle drivers who operate on the open road need to satisfy specific federal requirements when it comes to safety components like brakes. In addition to functional service brakes and parking brakes, vehicles must be outfitted with emergency braking systems, and the type of system a vehicle uses has to be in line with laws governing its unique capabilities, installation and maintenance. These rules also include stipulations about how certain brake controls must be positioned and how systems should be interconnected to minimize failure.

Lung disease for workers in some plants

People in South Carolina who work in plants that manufacture flavorings or microwave popcorn should be aware of symptoms of a lung disease known as obliterative bronchiolitis. It is caused by constriction and scarring in lung airways that restricts breathing. Symptoms may range from a mild cough without phlegm to a severe cough, difficulty breathing during exertion and wheezing.

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