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January 2016 Archives

An overview of excavation and trenching dangers

Although South Carolina workers in trenching and excavation jobs may be aware of the dangers that they face, it is good to review safety standards periodically to ensure that the best practices are in play on an ongoing basis. The major areas contributing to serious injuries in these jobs include access problems, spoil management, inadequate inspection and problems with protective systems. Although OSHA requires that proper protective measures be implemented, it is up to employers to manage these issues on a day-to-day basis.

Volvo aims to make death-proof vehicles

Many of the car accidents that take place in South Carolina and around the country could be avoided if cars were equipped with autonomous technologies, according to some car manufacturers. Recently, automaker Volvo announced that it had plans to create a 'death-proof" car by the year 2020. Using a combination of various autonomous technologies, Volvo aims to design a car that will prevent fatalities and serious injuries.

Top causes of disabling workplace injuries

South Carolina workers in all different types of occupations can be injured due to overexerting themselves. According to the 2016 Workplace Safety Index that was released by Liberty Mutual on Jan. 14, overexertion tops the list of common causes of disabling workplace injuries. The second most common cause was listed as falls at the same level while falls to a lower level came in third.

Just a few inches of snow can make roads treacherous

South Carolina motorists rarely encounter significant accumulations of ice or snow, but they can turn the winter months into an ordeal for drivers in areas of the country with less forgiving climates. While it is well known that blizzard conditions can make driving very dangerous, accident data suggests that a few inches of snow or small amounts of ice could be even more of a hazard for road users.

Dangers of keyless ignition systems and carbon monoxide

A feature that is often touted to sell new cars to people in South Carolina is a keyless ignition system. While these systems are popular, they also bring hidden dangers about which people should be aware. Unlike keyed ignition systems, keyless systems do not automatically shut off the car when a person leaves the vehicle.

Ways employers and insurance companies minimize costs

When South Carolina workers are injured on the job, it is important for them to understand some of the tactics their employer and the employer's workers' compensation insurance carrier may take. It is common for both employers and insurance companies to try to either dispute claims or minimize the amount they pay on a claim.

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