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March 2016 Archives

Workplace injuries and case-shifting

When South Carolina workers sustain injuries while engaged in the course and scope of their employment, many of them are eligible to receive compensation through their employers' workers compensation insurance carriers. Some injuries are straightforward and easily traceable to a work accident, such as a fracture or puncture wound. Others, however, may be more difficult to pinpoint.

Automatic braking technology could reduce crashes

Rear-end auto accidents in South Carolina can occur for a number of reasons, including mechanical failure, distracted driving or a failure to apply enough pressure when braking. However, automatic braking features could reduce this type of accident significantly. Many of the nation's major automobile manufacturers are expected to agree to incorporate this auto-braking technology into their vehicles for the United States by 2022.

Preventing muscle injuries at the workplace

Every day, employees in South Carolina and elsewhere suffer various types of musculoskeletal disorders including carpal tunnel syndrome, back injuries and sprains. However, with proper training, these types of injuries can be reduced, which benefits employees and their employers alike.

New commercial driver's license rules proposed

Road users in South Carolina and around the country rely on government rules and regulations to ensure that heavy commercial vehicles like buses and semi-tractor trailers are safe and their drivers qualified and properly trained. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration establishes the requirements that must be before a commercial driver's license can be issued, and the agency proposed rules on March 4 that would change the way commercial vehicle operators are trained.

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