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Autonomous safety technology for road crews

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2016 | Firm News

South Carolina residents may have heard about the development of autonomous vehicle technology that aids in braking and avoiding rear-end collisions. Now, technology that is being developed may help to keep workers safer while they are performing jobs along roads and highways. The autonomous truck-mounted attenuator created by Royal Truck & Equipment is said to be the first of its kind.

One of the greatest risks that road crews face is the possibility of being struck by a passing vehicle. To prevent these kinds of workplace accidents from taking place, road crews set up arrow boards and warning signs to let drivers know that they are approaching a work site. Truck-mounted attenuators are also used to cushion the impact of an out-of-control car and direct it away from the road crew.

Until now, truck-mounted attenuators were attached to the back of trucks to provide a safety barrier between passing cars and road crews. The trucks would be parked behind the work site and manned by a truck driver. With the new autonomous truck-mounted attenuator, a truck driver is no longer needed. The CEO of Royal Truck & Equipment said that his company wanted to provide an extra layer of safety by removing the truck driver from the unsafe situation at a roadwork site.

People who have been injured while doing work along roads and highways are usually covered by workers’ compensation insurance. An attorney may be able to help a road worker to file a workers’ compensation claim after an accident. If workplace injuries were caused by a negligent third party such as the driver of a passing vehicle, an attorney my help a worker to file a separate personal injury lawsuit.