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February 2017 Archives

Crash risks and the health of truck drivers

South Carolina motorists who are concerned about driving safety should know that the health condition of commercial truck drivers is a significant factor in crash risk. Truck drivers with three or more certain medical conditions have as much as four times the crash risk of drivers who are healthy, according to researchers from the University of Utah School of Medicine. Because they have to sit for longer stretches of time and tend to have poor sleeping and eating habits, they also have difficulty remaining healthy.

The use of gates for ladder fall protection

Using gates with ladders may provide better fall protection than using chains. The incorrect use of chains as protection on ladders can result in hazardous situations. South Carolina workers who routinely use ladders to perform their tasks should be aware of how to properly secure them to prevent falls.

Scissor lifts and associated dangers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a hazard alert regarding scissor lift safety that employees in South Carolina may want to bear in mind. OSHA warns that a number of workers who were involved in a variety of unrelated incidents have suffered injury or death when working with or in the vicinity of scissor lifts.

Trump victory could impact workers' compensation

Workers' compensation programs in South Carolina and across the country and the efforts of federal agencies that deal with workplace safety issues could be greatly influenced by the election of Donald Trump. Cutting red tape and eliminating bureaucratic hurdles for American businesses was a major plank in Trump's campaign platform, and this could prevent the U.S. Department of Labor from following through on its call to bring consistency to the nation's workers' compensation programs by introducing minimum nationwide standards.

Trump order prompts FMCSA to delay driver training regulation

South Carolina residents may be aware that President Donald Trump has been quite active since taking the oath of office on Jan. 20. One of his first actions as president was ordering federal agencies to not implement any new regulations for 60 days. Trump has promised to cut red tape and reign in government bureaucracy, and he says that he needs time to review pending regulations to determine whether or not they are truly necessary.

New OSHA reporting rules target retaliatory actions

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has implemented a new rule that could affect workers in South Carolina and across the country. The rule protects workers from facing retaliation for reporting injuries at work, and it also makes drug-testing after a work accident a retaliatory action under some circumstances.

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