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September 2017 Archives

OSHA requires employers to provide safe working environment

South Carolina workers have the right to a safe workplace under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. they also have the right to file a complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration if they believe there are serious hazards in the workplace or if they suspect OSHA standards are not being met.

Avoiding accidents involving slow drivers

While most South Carolina drivers likely know the dangers of driving too fast, they may not be aware that it can also be dangerous to drive too slow. This is because driving too slowly for the general flow of traffic can cause confusion, prevent other drivers from being able to make safe predictions and ultimately lead to a car accident.

Area, time, distance all impact drive safety

All drives are not created equal when it comes to the statistical likelihood of a car accident. Fatal motor vehicle crashes are most likely near the home of the driver, with many South Carolina crashes happening within 25 miles of home. Part of the reason is that most driving happens within a short distance of home, but there are other factors at play as well.

Potential financial ramifications of chemical exposure

South Carolina residents who work in plastic manufacturing plants might be exposed to dyes, lubricants and flame retardants among other liquids. They may also be exposed to acetone or other chemicals that are used in machining or to add gloss to 3D printed parts. There are many dangers that workers may face such as explosions, exposure to vapors and skin issues if they make contact with these materials.

Mitigating risk posed by hot work

Defined as an activity that produces sparks, flames or heat, hot work carries inherent risks that could lead to injury or death in some situations. South Carolina employees who are required to perform hot work may want to be aware of some of the most significant hazards and take steps to mitigate the possibility of adverse results.

Focusing on hazard reduction in the workplace

Some workplaces in South Carolina and throughout the country may shift to a greater focus on preventing serious injuries and fatalities, also known as SIF programs. These programs move the focus away from the traditional approach of waiting for an accident to occur and then addressing the problem. They recognize that near-miss accidents can be warnings of more serious injuries or fatalities to come, and addressing the conditions that led to those near-misses can help prevent the accidents. A near-miss incident such as a worker nearly falling from heights might not be the type of event that must be reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, but it can provide critical information about workplace safety.

Some drivers are turning off their collision avoidance systems

Not all drivers in South Carolina appreciate the warning beeps of their collision avoidance systems. A researcher at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suspects that some drivers become annoyed by the sounds meant to alert them to lane drifting or objects in their blind spots. Her comparison of studies about the influence of vehicle warning technology identified large discrepancies in crash reduction rates.

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