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February 2019 Archives

Injuries and fatigue in the workplace

Workers and employers in South Carolina may be interested to learn that about 13 percent of work-related injuries can be attributed to sleep issues. The National Safety Council also estimates that the economic impact of these injuries results in a loss of $400 billion. Employers who have at least 1,000 workers could sustain a loss in excess of $1 million every year due to people missing workdays, rising health care costs resulting from worker fatigue and lower productivity.

Avoiding collisions with drunk drivers

Drunk driving is behind many crashes in South Carolina. Other motorists may, on occasion, even suspect that someone on the road is drunk or impaired in some other way. For example, the driver may weave in and out of lanes, make wide turns, make illegal turns, brake erratically and react slowly to traffic signals. The driver may have his or her face close to the windshield and visibly appear drunk.

How truckers can reduce large truck crash deaths

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has reported that there was an increase each year from 2015 to 2017 in the percentage of fatal crashes that involved one or more large trucks. In particular, the percentage of fatal work zone accidents where at least one large truck was involved has gone up in each of those three years. Commercial truckers in South Carolina should know, however, that they have the ability to fight this upward trend.

NTSB releases most wanted transportation safety improvement list

The National Transportation Safety Board wants anyone in South Carolina or elsewhere in the United States sharing the road with drivers to be as safe as possible. This is why the agency has released its biannual Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements. The NTSB has no regulatory power although the independent agency's suggestions are often influential.

Tips for keeping eyes safe while working

More than 2,000 workers in South Carolina and throughout the country experience an eye injury each day. About 10 percent of these injuries require a worker to spend time away from the job recovering. Furthermore, at least 10 percent of injuries will cause either permanent or temporary blindness or other vision loss. There are steps that workers can take to prevent or minimize the chances of getting an eye injury at work.

Road Safe America urges use of speed limiters on big rigs

Speed may be the biggest reason why there was an overall increase in large truck crash deaths between 2009 and 2017. Road Safe America has analyzed federal data showing such an increase in all but six states and found that most of the states with the largest increase have truck speed limits of 70 mph or more. Truckers in South Carolina should be aware that such speeds are unsafe for vehicles weighing over 80,000 pounds.

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