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What safety hazards beset the Fourth of July weekend

Those in South Carolina who plan to travel during the Fourth of July holiday period will want to be more safety-conscious than usual. According to Esurance and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, July 4 sees the highest number of fatal car crashes of all the days in the year. Every year between June 30 and July 4, there are approximately 200 traffic deaths across America. About 40 percent of all highway deaths between 2007 and 2011 occurred during the same five-day period.

Drugs leading to more fatal car crashes, says GHSA

The Governors Highway Safety Association has released a report on drugged driving that may be of interest to drivers in South Carolina. After analyzing fatal car crash data in 2016, the association found that 44 percent of fatally injured drivers who were tested for drugs tested positive. This is a 16 percent increase from 2006.

Tesla CEO upset with news coverage of self-driving car crash

Many people in South Carolina are distrustful of self-driving vehicles. Considering that there have recently been several accidents involving autonomous technology, it's hard not to be. In May, the driver of a Tesla Model S collided with a Utah fire truck even though the Autopilot program was on. The driver survived with a broken ankle.

Seat belts lower chance of severe liver injuries

If drivers in South Carolina are looking for one more reason to wear their seat belts, they can consider the results of a new study. Researchers at NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn studied crash data in the National Trauma Data Bank spanning from 2010 to 2015. All of the cases involved patients aged 18 and over who either went to the hospital or died en route in the aftermath of a vehicle crash.

Daydreaming is more dangerous than texting and driving

While many South Carolina drivers are aware of the dangers of texting and driving, they may not be aware that inattention and boredom when driving can be just as dangerous. In fact, a study found that 61 percent of fatal distracted driving accidents were actually caused by inattention to the road and not by technology.

Distracted driving a serious hazard

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that in 2015, 3,477 people were killed in crashes involving distracted driving. The same year also saw 391,000 people injured in similar crashes. With the development of new technologies, distracted driving is becoming more prevalent across South Carolina and the rest of the U.S., which is why it's important to raise awareness of it and keep others from engaging in it.

The signs and symptoms of soft tissue injuries

When an individual strains a muscle or pulls a tendon, it is considered to be a soft tissue injury. South Carolina residents and others are most likely to sustain such injuries in a car crash. Soft tissue injuries are generally difficult to diagnose with an X-ray, so it may be hours or days before a person realizes that anything is wrong. Common symptoms of a soft tissue injury include pain, swelling and bleeding.

Distracted driving remains a serious road safety issue

The alarming rise in car accidents in South Carolina and throughout the country has been blamed by some on the popularity of smartphones. However, safety experts say that the entertainment and information systems in many new cars can be just as distracting for drivers. A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports suggests that a worrying number of motorists are unconcerned about these dangers. More than half of the drivers polled by the consumer information company admitted to regularly using their cellphones while behind the wheel to send text messages, watch videos and browse the internet.

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