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Officer hit by unknown driver- insurance coverage?

The officer was hit by an unknown driver who left the scene. The officer was on duty. This is a workers compensation claim and it is also covered by the uninsured motorist coverage on the Officer's vehicle. Special rules apply to get the benefit of both coverages as these overlap but cover more of the Officer's damages when combined. We help clients comply with the law to get the full benefit of all insurance coverages. If pursued improperly, injury victims can lose the benefits they should be entitiled to.

Words Can Harm You in Workers Compensation Claims #1

Words can harm you in workers compensation claims, not just sticks and stones.  In a workers compensation claim, the words you use to describe your accident, your injuries, and your limitations, etc. do matter and they can harm you.   In other words, anything you say can and will be used against you in the claim.  For example, in a recorded statement with the claims adjuster or in a deposition (this is sworn testimony under oath, usually in an attorney's office with a court reporter transcribing everything) with the insurance company's attorney, you may be asked something like "Do you have problems walking up stairs due to your back injury?" Rather than saying "yes", you may reply something like " I can't walk up stairs."    

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