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Some days are riskier for South Carolina drivers

It has been indicated that the risk of having a car accident can vary simply depending on the day. In fact, certain periods may prove riskier for motorists to occupy the roadways. Though some holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, have a reputation for an increase in the number of car accidents, drivers should be aware of other potentially dangerous times to be behind the wheel in order to exercise cautious driving.

Woman charged in fatal Garden City motorcycle accident

Police announced that charges were brought against a woman involved in an accident with a motorcycle that left one person dead. The incident was reported by the South Carolina Highway patrol to have happened around 7:40 p.m., April 18, in Garden City. A motorcycle was traveling north on Highway 17 when a Mercury car crossed into its path. The operator of the car was attempting to turn onto Highway 17 from Cypress Avenue at the time of the incident. The motorcycle operator was forced to lay the motorcycle down hard in an attempt to avoid colliding with the car.

Distractions delay driver reaction to roadway hazards

As South Carolina drivers know, taking their eyes off the road may lead to an accident. New research published by Liberty Mutual shows that the risk is due not just to the time looking at something or someone else but the time it takes a driver to refocus on the road. Earlier, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggested that turning one's gaze from the roadway should be limited to no more than two seconds. However, this recent study suggested that the issue is more complicated.

1 dead, 5 injured when church van collides with pickup

In South Carolina, one person was killed and five people were injured in a deadly collision involving a church van on March 24. According to news reports, the accident happened in Loris when a van from Faith Apostolic Church in Nakina drove through a stop sign and crashed into a Chevy pickup truck at the intersection of Highway 747 and Highway 9 Bypass. Emergency crews from South Carolina Highway Patrol, Horry County Police Department, Horry County Fire and Loris Fire responded to the scene.

Common causes and symptoms of whiplash

People in South Carolina could be interested in the causes, symptoms and treatment options for an injury known as whiplash. An injury that has taken on a somewhat negative association over the years, it is now sometimes referred to as a hyper-extension injury, cervical strain or cervical sprain. Whiplash is an injury to the neck caused by a sudden violent jolt in one direction followed by one in the other direction. It most often afflicts passengers and drivers in motor vehicles when they become involved in a rear-end collision, but it can also occur during a workplace injury, a sports injury or in a fall.

An overview of motorcycle crashes and risks

Statistics can help South Carolina motorists in understanding the risks for motorcyclists as they operate on the state's roads. Although both deaths and injuries in motorcycle accidents throughout the nation declined by more than 5 percent between 2012 and 2013, the risk of death for a motorcyclist involved in a wreck is more than 20 times higher than for an individual riding in a passenger car, using the metric of vehicle miles traveled. With the number of motorcyclists on the nation's roads increasing annually, safety is a huge concern.

Alcohol-impaired driving statistics and prevention

South Carolina drivers and passengers might be surprised to learn that every 51 minutes someone in the United States dies because of an auto accident involving an impaired driver. Car accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers comprise 31 percent of the nation's traffic-related fatalities. A large number of children are among the victims, some who are riding with an impaired driver. There are, however, some effective measures to prevent injuries and deaths caused by impaired driving.

Whiplash injuries

A person involved in a car accident in South Carolina may experience whiplash as a result of their collision. Whiplash is a painful injury that occurs when a person's neck is violently whipped back and forth. This type of injury is frequently associated with car accidents because the impact of a moving vehicle may cause passengers to be pushed in several directions. Even a minor whiplash injury can be costly to treat and may take months to heal.

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