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Motorcyclists at risk on the road

South Carolina motorcyclists face serious risks on the road, even when they try their best to stay safe. Their level of exposure to the elements and significantly heavier vehicles mean that a crash can be catastrophic. While many people love the freedom afforded by bikes, they can come with serious risks. First, the behavior of others on the road can escalate the danger for motorcyclists. Two-thirds of the crashes that involve other vehicles involve the other car or truck violating the motorcycle's right of way.

NTSB lists ways to enhance motorcycle safety

The National Transportation Safety Board has a report out that should be of interest to both drivers and motorcyclists in South Carolina. After studying federal crash data, the agency found that many high-risk traffic situations between the two could be avoided if drivers were better able to detect motorcyclists when entering a road, crossing it or changing lanes. It's especially important to prevent accidents where vehicles turn left in front of a motorcycle.

Motorcycle accidents can cause a range of injuries

Motorcycle riders in South Carolina may face significant risks in the event of a crash. That's why many motorcyclists use lots of safety gear in order to protect themselves when out on the open road. There are a number of studies that have inquired into the types of injuries that are most common in the event of a motorcycle crash, and this information can help motorcyclists make decisions that can help to protect their safety.

Alcohol-related motorcycle facts for 2014

In South Carolina and across the country, 4,311 motorcycle riders died in traffic accidents during 2014. While speeding, the driver's age and the size of the motorcycle were factors in many of the crashes, alcohol was a factor in nearly 40 percent of the accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association.

Motorcycle accidents and myths about safety

Many South Carolina residents enjoy riding motorcycles both for pleasure as well as their primary modes of transportation. Motorcyclists are in greater danger of suffering severe injuries if they are involved in traffic accidents, and it's important for them to understand motorcycle safety. There are several myths about what is safe and what is not for motorcyclists.

Keeping motorcycle tires road worthy

South Carolina motorcyclists should check their vehicle's tires for safety on a regular basis. There are several areas on which to focus when inspecting the tires. Proper motorcycle safety includes checking tire wear, tire pressure, proper storage, purchasing the correct tires when they are worn and riding safely on the road.

Accident avoidance strategies for motorcyclists

Accidents on South Carolina roads can be serious for all motorists, but those on motorcycles face particularly high risks due to the lack of any protective enclosure as they travel. An additional area of vulnerability stems from the fact that a motorcycle can be difficult for other motorists to see. There are many common accident scenarios for motorcyclists, and experts agree that safety education is an important key to minimizing one's risks while riding. Additionally, appropriate gear may help in mitigating some visibility issues while facilitating more comfortable and safe motorcycle riding.

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