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Brain Injuries

When a car accident or another act of negligence leads to a brain injury, the claim must be handled with care by an experienced attorney. This is important for two reasons: the complex nature of these injuries and the need for substantial compensation. At Smith & Griffith, we have a reputation for success in brain injury claims.

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From Mild To Severe TBI

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can range from mild to severe. In severe cases, the victim may be left in a coma. The seriousness of these injuries tends to be easily understood by insurance companies and, if the case goes to trial, jury members.

In mild traumatic brain injury cases, it can be more difficult to make these parties understand the impact. Often, the victim does not even understand the impact. It may be family members who notice memory issues, changes of personality and other symptoms. These are not things that show up on an X-ray. Our Anderson brain injury lawyer knows how to work with experts to clearly communicate the life-changing nature of these injuries so that insurance companies and jurors understand why the victim needs full compensation.

How Much Is The Case Worth?

What is fair compensation for constant headaches that may plague a brain injury victim for life? How much should someone who will have to deal with memory issues for months or even years expect? These are not simple questions. Our experience means we have seen cases like these before so we know how to work with experts to understand their value. We want you to be confident that the money we get you will cover all future expenses.

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