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Understanding Your Rights To Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a federal government agency that serves several functions. One of these functions is to provide important benefits to persons who are unable to work – for a period of time or permanently – because of a disability. If you have experienced a disabling physical or mental condition that qualifies you for benefits, and you need them, you should understand what those benefits are and how to get them. That’s where our law firm can help.

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What Kinds Of Benefits Do I Qualify For?

The two most common types of Social Security benefits are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). You may qualify for SSDI if you have worked as an adult and your current condition will keep you from working for at least a year. SSI may be right for you if you are unable to work and you meet certain income requirements.

Both SSDI and SSI provide cash benefits and medical benefits, but these benefits are not given out automatically, even if you qualify. They must be applied for with the help of proper medical documentation. Unfortunately, the application process (which often leads to and includes the process of appealing a denied claim) can take a long time.

How Do I Start?

Every situation is different, but all Social Security Disability cases start with an application for benefits. It is important to discuss your disabling condition with a knowledgeable attorney if you believe you may qualify for SSDI or SSI. Our firm can walk you through the process of applying for benefits and explain what will happen next.

What If My Claim Was Denied?

The Social Security system is bureaucratic and large. The majority of applicants for SSDI and SSI benefits are denied upon their initial application. If you were denied benefits at the initial application stage, at an administrative law judge hearing or at another stage, you still may be able to obtain benefits if you hang in there and you get the help you need.

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