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Commercial vehicles can cause harm to drivers and passengers in other vehicles. Trucks, buses and other large vehicles can wreak havoc on smaller trucks and passenger cars when a collision occurs. Truck drivers and trucking companies have different rules they must follow. At Smith & Griffith, LLP, in Anderson, we understand what to do to protect and pursue your compensation rights.

What Are Typical Causes Of Truck Accidents?

Many truck accidents caused by commercial vehicles happen because of:

  • Drivers who are in a hurry – Delivery truck drivers and service vehicle drivers may be pressured and rushed by their employers to meet quotas, stay on schedule or achieve delivery goals that cause them to cut corners on safety.
  • Fatigued drivers – Drivers may be tired from working too many hours. Federal regulations and state laws address this important issue.
  • Improper vehicle maintenance – A commercial vehicle may have tires, brakes or other critical parts that are not in good shape; maintenance records may be inadequate, missing or falsified. Our firm is experienced in investigating accidents thoroughly.
  • Commercial drivers who are not paying attention – Some are distracted by mobile devices, phone calls, food or drink; others may be under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol.
  • Poor operation or maintenance – People can get hurt when buses, municipal vehicles or vans are operated, maintained or even designed negligently.

Any time you or a family member is involved in an interstate trucking collision, it is prudent to speak with a truck accident attorney.

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We understand the impact a serious accident can have on your life and your family’s well-being. As your personal injury attorneys, we will protect your legal rights and make sure you obtain fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Every case is different. Some cases can result in compensation from multiple sources and for different types of damages. We will be happy to talk to you, in person, about your case.

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