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Help After A Construction Accident

Some of the most serious work accidents and injuries occur on construction sites. Even the best-trained, most safety-conscious construction pros and laborers face serious risks on the job every day.

Unfortunately, many people who are injured and must miss substantial work time – as well as those whose injuries leave them permanently disabled – run into serious problems getting the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve under South Carolina law. At Smith & Griffith, LLP, we can help you get on the path to recovery. Your consultation is always free. Call 864-261-1912 to arrange a meeting with us. We welcome your questions and want to help.

Injured On The Job? Do You Have Concerns About Your Work Comp Claim?

Our law firm, led in the area of workers’ compensation by deeply experienced lawyer John P. Griffith, is a proven resource for injured construction workers and laborers, as well as people hurt in a full range of other work settings. We offer a free consultation to discuss your claim denial, problems getting the medical treatment you need, or other concerns.

Years Of Experience Asserting And Protecting The Legal Rights Of Workers

Mr. Griffith will meet face to face with you. He will hear you out and thoroughly assess your legal options, targeting the most effective, efficient action likely to get the best possible results for you. A former insurance adjuster who has been practicing law since 1994, his knowledge and capabilities as an Anderson construction accident attorney cover:

  • All types of construction site accidents, ranging from falls and impact from dropped loads or debris to on-the-job vehicle accidents, explosions and injuries caused by equipment malfunctions
  • The full range of serious and disabling injuries that entitle workers to benefits, including amputations; neck, shoulder and back injuries; fractures; knee and ankle injuries; crushed heels; hand and finger injuries; burns and more
  • How to investigate an accident and determine whether a subcontractor, equipment manufacturer or other third party should be held liable for damages

Partner With A Work Injury Attorney You Can Trust

We have experience helping people statewide get the medical treatment they need and all the financial compensation they need and deserve.

For a free consultation with a caring, practical lawyer who will prioritize your case, call 864-261-1912 or contact us online now. You will pay no attorney fees unless you hire our firm and we obtain compensation for you.