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When You Are Hurt At Work And Need To Get Full Compensation For Your Injuries

At Smith & Griffith, LLP, we understand that there are many ways you can suffer an injury at work. As attorneys focused on workplace injuries, we understand what needs to be done in these situations in order to obtain full compensation. Because we know that after an injury on the job, you can feel uncertain as to your rights and the steps you need to take, we offer a free consultation.

When Is Workers’ Compensation An Option?

Did you get hurt at work, seriously enough that you will miss substantial time or may never be able to return to that same job, and you are wondering, now what? You likely have a workers’ compensation claim.

Are you having difficulty getting the medical treatment, compensation for lost wages and other benefits you deserve? You can benefit from understanding your rights and how to assert them.

Perhaps you have run into an outright workers compensation claim denial or been wrongfully fired because you filed a claim. We can assist with many issues related to workplace injuries including those stated above, along with issues such as:

Turn to our team and attorney John Griffith for the focused, personal attention you need after being hurt at work. Your place of employment needs to follow certain laws and regulations. While many employers do, not all of them are forthcoming with the information you need. Some employers have a safety reputation to uphold or want to meet safety goals and are therefore unhelpful or dismissive of injury claims. We can, and will, help you.

Be Confident That We Will Provide The Help You Need

In these situations and others related to work accidents, injuries and fatalities, you can turn to us at Smith & Griffith, LLP, with total confidence. Practicing since 1994, Anderson workers’ compensation attorney John Griffith will offer clear, dependable guidance and make your valid case his mission. Call to arrange a free consultation or to get your most pressing question answered: 864-261-1912. You can also reach us via our online form.