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Getting Necessary Medical Treatment After An Injury

The costs of necessary medical treatment for an injury can be overwhelming even for people who can keep working. If you or a family member has been seriously hurt on the job and must miss work, getting quality medical care – and getting it paid for via a successful workers’ compensation claim – is critical. At Smith & Griffith, LLP, in Anderson, we understand what it takes to get the treatment you need.

Are You Being Denied The Medical Care You Need? Are Medical Bills Piling Up?

Unfortunately, many people with valid, serious work injury claims encounter problems getting the medical services, procedures and medications they need. If this describes your situation, request a free consultation focused on your vital concerns, including medical treatment, with Anderson attorney John P. Griffith. In many cases, the actions we take result in clients getting needed medical care right away.

At Smith & Griffith, LLP, we recognize the many pressures that come with a work injury. You may be worried about your ability to return to work soon or ever, as well as unpaid bills that could permanently damage your credit. Unlike some workers’ compensation lawyers who may never meet face-to-face with clients, Mr. Griffith will personally address your concerns and explain what steps he will take on your behalf.

Focused On Obtaining All The Compensation You Deserve

Workers’ compensation claims and appeals are a dominant focus at our firm. Mr. Griffith has helped many people who were hurt in their health care, construction, factory, office and other jobs recover all the benefits they were entitled to for medical treatment, lost wages and other essential needs.

Get The Help You Need With Your South Carolina Claim

If your valid work comp claim has been denied, payments for your medical care are being withheld, or you cannot get approved to see the right doctors, the legal counsel you choose can make all the difference. To speak directly with a lawyer who will prioritize your case, call 864-261-1912 or email us now and schedule a free consultation. You will pay no attorney fees unless we obtain compensation that benefits you.