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Workers’ Compensation Can Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

You don’t need to have a brand new injury to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. A work-related accident or repeated on-the-job movements can bring back a pre-existing condition and cause trouble for you and your family. At Smith & Griffith, LLP, attorney John Griffith can ensure that you receive the compensation you are due.

What To Do If Your Injury Resurfaces

If you had an injury in the past and your current job is aggravating it and causing it to resurface, it’s time to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney. If this is happening to you, your employer (or your employer’s insurance company) may be claiming the injury is not its responsibility. It is not uncommon to think that you won’t qualify for benefits because it is not a new injury.

If you are struggling with a pre-existing medical condition that has flared up at work, our firm can help you protect your legal rights. We can assist you in obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled by law – even if your employer is denying that your job was to blame for the injury, and even if you received benefits for the injury in the past. Every case is different and should be evaluated carefully.

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We help workers who are dealing with work-related aggravation of pre-existing medical problems. Talk to us if:

  • You have chronic back pain that worsened because of your work or began to hurt at work.
  • You are experiencing a disk problem, a weak back, muscle spasms or another back problem.
  • You have had shoulder problems in the past, and now you have a torn rotator cuff or another type of shoulder ailment.
  • You suffer from arthritis or a degenerative joint problem that has been made worse on the job.

Most conditions you can make worse by working are compensable. Contrary to popular belief, an injury doesn’t have to be brand new to qualify a person for workers’ comp. Aggravation of an old injury or condition by a work accident should be covered.

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