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When You Are Fired For Filing An Injury Claim

Simply put, it is against the law for an employer to fire a person in retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Proving that this was the reason for dismissal can be an intimidating challenge, however, especially for a person who is trying to recover from a serious on-the-job injury. At Smith & Griffith, LLP our workers’ compensation attorney has decades of experience protecting the rights of injured workers. Call and find out how he can help you: 864-261-1912

Were You Fired Because You Had A Valid Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Many workers’ compensation lawyers turn down wrongful termination cases or refer them to employment law firms. Anderson wrongful termination attorney John P. Griffith is prepared to handle all aspects of your case. A proven trial lawyer as well as a skilled, dynamic negotiator, he has earned positive results for many workers who were legitimately injured and then unjustly let go from their jobs.

Your employer may have acted quickly to terminate you – or threatened to fire you – before you had a chance to file your workers’ comp claim and begin the process. In other situations, a claim that your injury condition has kept you off the job too long or hurt your performance is used as justification. In any such situation, you need qualified legal counsel. You may be able to recover your lost wages caused by the wrongful termination as damages, or you may be reinstated to your former job with the employer.

As devastating as a firing can be, some injured workers simply accept their companies’ explanations and do not enlist the help of a lawyer who will fight hard for their rights under South Carolina law. The fact that their insurance rates may go up is not your problem, and other workers may suffer a similar fate if you do not take action.

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Attorney John P. Griffith will meet personally with you to gain an understanding of your situation. He will assess all your legal options and explain clearly what is involved from legal and procedural perspectives. Whether your goal is to get your job back or obtain maximum compensation under all available laws, our firm is an outstanding, results-focused resource.

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