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Anderson Attorney For Injured Medical Professionals

Medical professionals spend their days (and sometimes their nights) providing care and treatment to patients. Ironically, nurses, CNAs, medical assistants, doctors and other professionals can end up as patients themselves because of their hard work and the demands of their jobs.

If you experienced an injury in the course of your duties, you may be dealing with pain and inconvenience, and your livelihood may have taken a hit. At Smith & Griffith, LLP, in Anderson, we can help. With decades of experience in Social Security Disability, attorney John Griffith has a comprehensive understanding of the process and can assess if you are eligible by law for workers’ compensation benefits.

Advice And Representation In Workers’ Comp Cases

Smith & Griffith, LLP, in Anderson, South Carolina, helps medical professionals who have been hurt as a result of their duties at work. We are able to advise and represent you if your case involves:

  • Injuries sustained by lifting patients or residents
  • Your job (or your loved one’s job) in a hospital, nursing home or medical office
  • A back injury such as a herniated or ruptured disk, a muscle pull or another back-related difficulty
  • A shoulder problem such as a torn rotator cuff
  • A hand, arm or wrist injury
  • A knee injury
  • Your employer denying your workers’ comp claim or denying medical treatment

Every workers’ compensation case is different – and every case is important. One of our lawyers will be happy to provide the guidance you need if you are considering your options.

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