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When Another Driver Causes A Serious Motorcycle Accident

The people who cause motorcycle accidents never want to accept the blame. They will point a finger at the victim and say, “I didn’t see the motorcycle rider.” They will claim that the motorcyclist was speeding or at fault for the accident in some other way.

At Smith & Griffith, LLP, in Anderson, our motorcycle accident lawyer knows what really happened. Our experienced team knows that the negligent driver was probably not watching the road carefully. We will take action to see that that driver is held accountable for the damage done.

The Truth About Motorcyclists

Many people have misconceptions about motorcyclists. They see motorcycle riders as dangerous thrill seekers. In reality, that is rarely the case. We know that motorcyclists are no different from anyone else on the road, people from all walks of life behaving responsibly while enjoying their right to use the road. An attorney must be aware of prejudices about motorcycle riders and must know how to address them to be successful.

Motorcycle Accidents Lead To Serious Injuries

Motorcyclists have little to protect them in a collision. Even when they are wearing a helmet, the likelihood of serious injuries is high. We have a record of success getting compensation for people whose lives have been changed because of head injuries, spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic injuries.

Covering the medical bills you have already accumulated is one thing. What about the future? Will more surgeries be required? Will physical therapy need to continue? These are costs that cannot be overlooked. We will see that they are not. As a team with decades of experience with car and truck crashes, we can assess your case and advise you on your next best steps.

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