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Ways to avoid common injuries in the workplace


Ways to avoid common injuries in the workplace

In 2012, The Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index identified the five leading causes of workplace injuries from 2010. Combined, the injuries resulting from these injuries comprised around 73 percent of all work-related injuries. South Carolina workers might be interested to learn what these top risks of an on-the-job injury are as well as ways to decreases them.

Two types of falls were listed among the top causes of injuries, including falling to a lower level and falling on the same level. Ten percent of falls were to a lower level while nearly 17 percent included falls on the same level. Proper inspection and maintenance of ladders and scaffolding as well as reducing clutter might prevent falls. Employers could put anti-slip coating on floors as well. Another cause of injury was overexertion. Many jobs require repetitive movements and frequent need to lift and carry objects. Having other workers assist with lifting might reduce strain.

Employers could install devices that assist with lifting and transportation to decrease fatigue and exertion. Instructing workers on how to use the machinery as well the best way to move objects could reduce injury. Getting struck by objects is another primary cause. This might be avoided with safety gear, wearing seat belts and properly securing stacked items. The final cause was bodily reaction injuries, which could be reduced with getting rid of contributing environmental hazards. Workers maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good posture and physical fitness might also help to prevent this type of injury.

Even if workers attempt to decrease their risks and employers take action to follow some of the recommendations for creating a safer work environment, people might still be injured on the job. Workers’ compensation is meant to provide funds for medical expenses and lost wages. An attorney could help clients with the proper filing of claims so that they can get the compensation they need in a timely manner.

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