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5 injured in wreck allegedly caused by box truck


5 injured in wreck allegedly caused by box truck

South Carolina Highway Patrol troopers responded to a report of an accident around 8 p.m. on Nov. 4. The motor vehicle collision occurred on Interstate 385 in Laurens County at milepost 15.

According to troopers, a box truck was traveling in the southbound lanes of the interstate while a 2014 Camaro was traveling in the northbound lanes. The driver of the box truck allegedly made an improper lane change, crashing into a vehicle in the other lane. The impact then allegedly caused the car that the box truck had hit under the interstate’s barrier between the northbound and southbound lanes. The vehicle ended up in the northbound lanes where it collided with the 2014 Camaro that was driving there.

Upon arriving, emergency responders airlifted one woman for treatment of serious injuries to Greenville Memorial Hospital from the vehicle that had been hit by the box truck. In addition to her, the driver of the vehicle and two other passengers were transported via ambulance for treatment. The Camaro’s driver was injured and was transported for injuries he suffered as well. The multi-car accident forced a temporary closure of the interstate in the area as police conducted their investigation and cleanup of the crash site. The box truck driver was ticketed for improper lane change.

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