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Safety concerns regarding truck accidents


Safety concerns regarding truck accidents

Trucking accidents in South Carolina can be serious due to the weight and large size of the equipment involved. Personal injuries and damages to one’s vehicle can be significant, and those driving trucks are equally vulnerable in accidents caused by passenger vehicles. When a truck is involved in an automobile accident, there are special issues at play in handling an investigation and potential litigation.

The trucking industry is subject to both licensing and safety requirements, meaning that these issues need to be evaluated in case of a truck accident to determine whether violations have occurred that may have contributed to the incident. Drivers are subject to logging requirements, resting guidelines and limits on driving hours. They are also subject to lower maximum blood-alcohol concentration levels.

In the event of a trucking accident, an injured party may want to do some research to determine whether the driver or the company has a history of safety violations or accidents. It may be important to learn about the training provided to the driver. Additionally, it may be important to investigate the maintenance record for a truck involved in a serious accident to ensure that there hasn’t been any negligence on the part of the owner. Negligence is typically the main reason for legal cases filed in connection with trucking accidents.

There are many resources for tracking down information about the trucking industry and specific companies, but an individual dealing with the stress of an accident and the challenges of recovery may find this research to be challenging. A personal injury lawyer may be helpful in this case by providing the research expertise needed to identify possible areas of negligence on the part of a truck driver or trucking company. If negligence is identified, a lawyer may assist in filing a personal injury claim.

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