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To avoid accidents, employers should adhere to OSHA laws


To avoid accidents, employers should adhere to OSHA laws

In order to prevent workplace illnesses and injuries, South Carolina employers are required to abide by safety regulations determined by state laws and the U.S. Department of Labor. Failure to follow these conditions can result in penalties placed against the employer, which can range from fines and criminal prosecution to lawsuits and personal liability.

All companies are required to have some type of workers’ compensation insurance. In some states, companies with fewer than three or four employees are exempt from this requirement. If a worker is injured while on the job, they can file a worker’s compensation claim with either their self-insured employer or their employer’s insurance company.

Regardless of a firm’s insurance status, certain key responsibilities must be adhered to. These duties include providing safety training in a way that all employees can understand, examining workplaces to ensure they comply with OSHA standards, using signs, colors, posters and labels to warn workers of hazards, and reporting workplace fatalities and other serious injuries within 8 hours of the accident. Employers are also required to keep a record of all workplace accidents and injuries and provide designated authorities with exposure records and medical records.

If a worker suffers an injury or illness in their workplace, they may be able to seek out reimbursement by filing a workers’ compensation claim, or in some cases, filing a personal injury claim. Since filing these claims can be complicated and the stakes are often high, many individuals will benefit from having a personal injury lawyer assist them with the process. Result will vary from situation to situation, but in the event that a claim is successful, individuals may receive compensation for medical expenses, lost income, job training and other damages.