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Self-driving cars having problems interacting with regular cars


Self-driving cars having problems interacting with regular cars

South Carolina drivers may want to be on the lookout for self-driving cars on the roads, as recent statistics have reported higher rates of accidents for them than for human drivers. Reportedly, all of the problems that have come to light so far have been minor.

Statistics show that self-driving cars appear to be involved in car accidents at twice the rate of regular cars. However, the self-driving cars have not been at fault in the accidents. Rather, the crashes have been attributed to inattentive or aggressive driving on the part of other human drivers who are not accustomed to the completely law-abiding self-driving vehicles’ behavior.

One of the cases involved a self-driving car that attempted to take a right turn at a red light. After coming to a full stop, the car proceeded to move very slowly into the intersection. The driver behind it was not able to anticipate the actions of the autonomous vehicle, and they ran into it at under 5 miles an hour. Reportedly, the autonomous cars have also had issues merging into faster traffic, and in one case, a self-driving car was pulled over for driving too slow.

When self-driving cars are part of car accidents that do damage to either the health or the property of another individual, then the injured party may choose to file a civil suit in order to hold the manufacturer of the car liable for the damages. The assistance of a lawyer can be of great benefit to anyone who must file a suit against a corporation and prove their allegations.