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Effects of drowsy driving


Effects of drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is especially dangerous to both the tired drivers as well as others on the road in South Carolina. If people who are sleep-deprived fail to stop driving and rest but instead drift off to sleep, they are more likely to be involved in catastrophic or fatal accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the majority of drowsy driving accidents occur late at night. The accidents are more likely to be fatal, probably due to a combination of higher speeds and slower reaction times related to fatigue.

These crashes often occur on high-speed roads, such as interstates, and the drivers are less likely to take action to correct their driving and avoid a collision. In 82 percent of reported cases, the drowsy driver was alone in his or her vehicle at the time of the collision. Such things as lack of sleep and driving despite normal sleep-wake cycles combine to increase the risks of accident involvement. Other factors include people working night shifts, taking sedatives or having medical conditions such as sleep apnea or narcolepsy.

Drivers have a duty of care to others to pull off of the road and get adequate rest if they are tired. If they fail to do so and then fall asleep at the wheel and cause a car accident, injured victims may be able to hold them responsible through filing personal injury lawsuits. In the event the drowsy driver dies in such an accident, his or her estate may be named as the defendant in a resulting action. People who are injured in this manner may want to speak with a personal injury attorney in order to determine the most effective way of pursuing compensation for the damages that have resulted.