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Some days are riskier for South Carolina drivers


Some days are riskier for South Carolina drivers

It has been indicated that the risk of having a car accident can vary simply depending on the day. In fact, certain periods may prove riskier for motorists to occupy the roadways. Though some holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, have a reputation for an increase in the number of car accidents, drivers should be aware of other potentially dangerous times to be behind the wheel in order to exercise cautious driving.

Most drivers may expect to learn that some holiday weekends can be a dangerous time to drive. Memorial Day, Independence Day and New Year’s Day all have a relatively high number of accidents. Oftentimes, alcohol is involved. When drivers attend events, consume alcohol and then drive, they put themselves and others on the road at risk. When holidays attract more activity on the roadways, incidents of drunk driving, road rage or distracted driving can occur.

Family gatherings and holidays are not the only apparent cause for higher-than-average accidents and fatalities on the road. According to the statistics reported, there is a rise in incidents during events that may have emotions running high or shift a person’s overall schedule. Accidents near stadiums following football games, for example, have indicated that how well a certain team played may impact the driver’s driving. Shoppers on Black Friday get involved in a higher number of parking lot mishaps while trying to access sales. Accidents become more problematic even after the change caused by daylight saving time. The first Monday following the change, for instance, has reflected a 17 percent increase in accident fatalities, say the reports.

Drivers have a legal obligation to drive with reasonable care. If an auto accident occurs, a lawyer might be helpful in identifying if negligence played a role in the incident.