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Keeping motorcycle tires road worthy


Keeping motorcycle tires road worthy

South Carolina motorcyclists should check their vehicle’s tires for safety on a regular basis. There are several areas on which to focus when inspecting the tires. Proper motorcycle safety includes checking tire wear, tire pressure, proper storage, purchasing the correct tires when they are worn and riding safely on the road.

Motorcycles should not be ridden where there is a chance of something damaging the tires, such as the shoulder or median. While in storage, they should not have prolonged contact with oil or gasoline, be near appliances using an electric motor or in direct sunlight. They should be regularly checked and replaced if there are any tread issues, such as cuts, punctures, irregular wear, blisters or cracking in the grooves. Tire pressure should be checked at least every week. The owner’s manual, and often the bike itself, has the recommended PSI for the air pressure of those specific tires. The weight and load should also be considered.

Replacement tires should be the same size as the motorcycle’s original tires or from a similar make, model and size. At the very least, the tread patterns should be complementary and have the same ply. Front and back tires are made for different functions so they cannot be interchanged. If these guidelines are followed, the chances of motorcycle crashes are greatly reduced.

Unfortunately, even the best of tires will not always prevent a motorcyclist from being hit by a distracted or otherwise negligent motorist. A motorcyclist who is injured in such an accident may want to enlist the assistance of legal counsel in seeking compensation from the at-fault motorist.