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Accident avoidance strategies for motorcyclists


Accident avoidance strategies for motorcyclists

Accidents on South Carolina roads can be serious for all motorists, but those on motorcycles face particularly high risks due to the lack of any protective enclosure as they travel. An additional area of vulnerability stems from the fact that a motorcycle can be difficult for other motorists to see. There are many common accident scenarios for motorcyclists, and experts agree that safety education is an important key to minimizing one’s risks while riding. Additionally, appropriate gear may help in mitigating some visibility issues while facilitating more comfortable and safe motorcycle riding.

Anticipation is one of the most important accident avoidance strategies. For example, a common accident situation involves a car turning left in front of a motorcycle due to poor visibility. Knowing that this is a possibility should cause motorcyclists to be alert for clues that a motorist does not see them. Gaps in traffic, for example, could be unexpectedly used by another motorist, making it wise to be ready just in case there is a need to brake or change lanes quickly. Being observant about another vehicle can also be helpful, providing insight as to whether a turn is coming by noting the positioning of the tires.

Understanding road conditions that commonly contribute to motorcycle crashes is also helpful. For example, knowing that gravel on a blind corner can lead to a loss of control makes it prudent to avoid hitting gravel areas. Wide maneuvering upon entry into a corner along with slow movement in and fast movement out is advisable.

Motorcyclists can only be responsible for their own driving actions, and some accidents can’t be avoided in spite of strategic riding. If the other driver has acted negligently, there may be cause to file a personal injury lawsuit with the assistance of an attorney to recover damages that have not been addressed by insurance coverage.