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Accident symptoms that may be delayed


Accident symptoms that may be delayed

Many auto accidents happen every year on South Carolina roads, and in some of them, people may have physical symptoms of injuries that do not show up for several days afterwards. This is fairly common, as people may not initially notice symptoms due to the stress, adrenaline and confusion they feel following an accident’s occurrence.

There are several main types of symptoms that may take days to show up. Although the neck and shoulder pain and stiffness associated with whiplash are the most widely known, there are other symptoms that could indicate a serious underlying condition. Chronic headaches that show up may mean that a person has a blood clot on the brain, a concussion or a neck or head injury. Numbness in the hands can also indicate whiplash, as the condition can damage the nerves that run to those extremities.

Back pain may be caused by damage to the vertebrae, the nerves or muscles in the back. An MRI can help diagnose back problems and whiplash. Swelling or pain in the abdomen, along with dizziness, deep purple bruises and fainting can all indicate that the person is bleeding internally. If a person’s ability to physically function or personality changes, there may be a traumatic brain injury. Finally, many people develop post-traumatic stress disorder from accidents for which help is needed.

The fact that these different types of injuries may take days to appear underscores the importance of getting checkups after car accidents from a physician. Injuries can be exacerbated without early treatment, leaving people to suffer from worse long-term damage. People who are injured in an accident caused by another driver will also be better able to value their cases in order to determine whether or not to accept an offer from an insurance company. A personal injury attorney may help the clients recover compensation for the damages that have been sustained.