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Working on computers for long hours can cause eye strain


Working on computers for long hours can cause eye strain

Many South Carolina workers are required to spend large amounts of time in front of a computer screen, tablet or smartphone. While these devices are often necessary to do a job successfully, they can increase the risk of digital eye strain.

According to a report, approximately 60 percent of adults spend five or more hours each day on some sort of digital device. Anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of workers who use computer screens suffer from a disorder known as “computer vision syndrome” which causes eye strain and can actually cause changes in the tear fluid. Some of the symptoms include dry eyes, irritation, headaches and even double vision. Those who already have certain eye problems such as astigmatism or nearsightedness are more likely to develop computer eye problems.

The president and CEO of Prevent Blindness, a volunteer eye health and safety group, reminded those who rely on digital technology to be aware of the effects of increased exposure. The group suggested several steps to help prevent eye strain. Most importantly was to visit an eye doctor to ensure that the person’s vision was still clear. Screens should also be kept about 20 to 26 inches away from the person’s eyes. Using a glare filter may also help in workplace settings.

Workplace injuries can range from pinched nerves and repetitive injuries to eye strain and headaches. If the employee is denied workers’ compensation benefits when there is evidence that the injury was caused by the work environment, an attorney may assist in refiling the claim or taking the case to court. If the employer’s insurance company attempts to negotiate a settlement, the attorney may help make sure that the compensation fully covers the cost of medical bills and any lost income resulting from the injuries.