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Smartphone technology may prevent injuries in the workplace


Smartphone technology may prevent injuries in the workplace

South Carolina workers may be pleased to learn that some researchers are turning to smartphone technology to prevent injuries in the manufacturing sector. A professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison and his research team has been working on creating a solution that is easy to use and economically feasible for companies.

The existing method for predicting injury risk is based on human judgement and a 0-10 scale. While the measurements can provide reasonable risks of injury, there is immense room for error. Additionally, predicting the risk of injury takes a large amount of time and training. To better assess health outcomes, the research team is using videos to track repetitive motions, thereby establishing pattern recognition. Using this data, they hope to create accurate measurements of risk.

The ultimate goal is to create an app that uses the measurements to assess the risk of injury. Employers would be able to hold this computing power in their hands and get the risk assessment on the floor. If employers are able to make risk assessments easily and without high costs, they may be able to make changes that could improve employees’ productivity while preventing injuries.

Anything that will cut down on the number of workplace injuries will be widely welcomed. As it is, even with all safety precautions, far too many on-the-job accidents occur around the country. People who are injured often have to miss prolonged periods of work while they are recovering, and they might want to meet with an attorney to learn about the process of applying for workers’ compensation benefits that can help to ease some of the resulting financial burden.