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Truck drivers have higher injury rates than other workers


Truck drivers have higher injury rates than other workers

Truck drivers in South Carolina do one of the nation’s most hazardous jobs. In fact, truck drivers sustain almost three times more non-fatal work-related injuries and illnesses than the average U.S. worker. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report found that the nonfatal injury and illness rate for truck drivers was 307.5 per 10,000 people in 2015. The nonfatal injury and illness rate for all U.S. workers was 104 per 10,000 in 2015.

Truck drivers are not only injured more often than other workers, they spend more time off of work recovering from their injuries. The BLS report showed that the median recovery period for ill and injured truck drivers is 22 days of missed work. Only steamfitters, pipefitters and plumbers take more time off than truck drivers for non-fatal injuries and illnesses.

The most common types of nonfatal injuries that truck drivers sustain at work are strains, sprains and tears. The vice president of the American Trucking Association said that truck drivers are injured due to the physical nature of the job, and they take more time off because of their age. While the average age of all U.S. workers is 42, truck drivers have an average age of 49.

A worker who takes a long period of time off from work while recovering from a work-related injury may suffer a significant financial setback from the lost wages. An attorney may be able to help someone in such a situation by filing a workers’ compensation claim. If a third party was involved in the work accident, the injured worker may decide to instead claim compensation in a personal injury claim.