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Fall prevention on construction sites


Fall prevention on construction sites

The operators of any construction site in the state of South Carolina and the employers of any workers assigned to that work area are required by law and regulation to minimize their employees’ exposure to the risks and hazards associated with falls from high places. OSHA regulations govern the circumstances under which fall protections must be instituted and maintained, and any failure on the part of the employer to observe these protocols may be met with fines or other adverse legal action.

OSHA rules state that if there is a possibility of a fall of six feet or more, then there must be protection for any employees working in the area. Construction sites must be fitted with railings, safety nets, fall arresting systems and other safeguards.

The employer and site operator are expected to use the appropriate system, depending on the area. They are required to determine the precise nature of the falling risk in each work station and to take the approved steps in order to prevent workplace injuries.

Since the employer is legally responsible that a work site be safe and reasonably risk-free, the circumstances surrounding the injury or death of any employee should be carefully investigated. If the employer can be shown to not have taken the proper precautions, then the injured employee or the family of the deceased could file a civil suit against them and hold them liable for the economic damages that they have caused. It may be necessary to withdraw a workers’ compensation claim in order to file a civil suit, but a successful case against an irresponsible employer could possibly yield greater compensation. It may be helpful to consult with an attorney in order to determine the best course of action available to the injured person or family.