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Scissor lift accidents and avoiding them


Scissor lift accidents and avoiding them

Some workers in the South Carolina construction and manufacturing industries use scissor lifts as a regular part of doing their jobs. Improperly using this type of equipment may lead to serious accidents potentially causing death or severe injury to workers.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the primary issues leading to scissor lift accidents include problems with fall protection, stabilization and positioning. Employers are required to have good fall protection systems in place to help prevent serious injuries to workers who fall. They should also train their employees in how to use the scissor lifts and tell them to not stand on guardrails while working.

Employers are also advised to make certain the scissor lifts are stable so that they won’t tip over. They should also use the scissor lift away from debris, slopes in the floor and other unstable surfaces. Employers should make certain other equipment is directed away from the scissor lift so the lift is not struck by it. Correct positioning is also important. A scissor lift should not be used in a way that could make a worker come into contact with overhead powerlines. It should not be used outdoors in high winds, as the wind can cause it to topple.

Despite all safety precautions, workplace accidents will continue to occur, and they often result in serious injuries that preclude the victims from being able to work for prolonged periods of time. Workers’ compensation coverage exists to provide assistance in these types of incidents, including medical care as well as a percentage of lost wages. An attorney can often help an injured worker prepare and file a claim for benefits.