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Understanding the going and coming rule in South Carolina


Understanding the going and coming rule in South Carolina

When a person is injured in a work-related accident, the employer may be held liable for the losses suffered by the employee. This is true when the employee is driving for work purposes or when the employee is injured while attending a work event.

The going and coming rule deals with commuting to and from work. Employers are not liable for injuries sustained by their employees who are either on their way to work or on their way home from work at the time of an accident. However, if a worker has to travel to several different job sites throughout the day and becomes injured while driving from one to another, then the going and coming rule does not apply.

Traveling that is a major portion of a person’s job duties constitutes an exception to the going and coming rule. Injuries sustained while away on business are also covered. When a worker is asked to complete an extra task that is unrelated to work, such as picking up a cup of coffee for his or her boss, any injuries that happen may also be eligible for workers’ compensation because the task is considered a special mission.

An on-the-job injury may occur when the person is away from the workplace if he or she is traveling for work-related purposes. People who have questions about whether or not their accidents might qualify may want to meet with a workers’ compensation lawyer. An attorney may help them determine whether or not the injury qualifies for workers’ compensation.