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Choosing the safest work boots


Choosing the safest work boots

When South Carolina workers are outfitted with appropriate gear, unnecessary injuries can sometimes be prevented. One of the most important clothing items for workers in the construction and manufacturing industries is safety footwear, or work boots. When selecting work boots, both employers and their employees should make sure that the footwear meet both state and federal safety standards.

There are some work boots that have tags claiming that the boots meet the required safety standards when they actually don’t. Employers should make sure that they stay up-to-date on safety standards for work boots so that they can make informed purchases. To ensure boots meet safety standards, employers should check the labels, the information on any attached tags and information on the boot manufacturer’s website.

Some of the leading work boots offer protection from electrical hazards, punctures, compression and impact. A top-of-the-line work boot manufacturer will perform several safety tests on each pair to ensure that the boots meet safety standards. Before purchasing work boots, an employer can read about the materials and construction of the boots as well as the safety tests that the boots have gone through. The best work boots will exceed federal and state safety requirements.

A worker who is not given appropriate footwear before entering a potentially hazardous work environment could be severely injured in an accident. In many cases, those who have incurred workplace injuries will be eligible to file a claim for benefits under their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage. They may want to meet with an attorney to learn more about the procedures that are involved.