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How digital technology makes workplaces safer


How digital technology makes workplaces safer

Many South Carolina employees may be working in safer environments than their counterparts in the past could have dreamed of. That is in part due to technology. The digital age not only makes things more convenient, it can increase safety with technology that can reduce many on-the-job safety risks in various industries.

Metal detectors have been around for a long time, but today’s versions are far more efficient than those of previous eras. Even the smallest piece of metal can be detected, making it very rare for anything that is not allowed in a workplace to get in. Combined with bulletproof glass, advanced metal detectors make banks and other institutions safer for both employees and customers.

Security guards are still important to workplace safety because they can do work that machines can’t, but advanced digital security systems including 3D visualization technology and motion detectors aid security personnel in detecting and removing threats. Laser curtains are one of the newest advancements in security, and they have the potential to stop any threat that gets through a metal detector. They also improve conditions when used to cordon off certain areas of a workplace because they don’t block equipment or create a physical obstacle.

Employers have a responsibility to keep their employees safe. Although workers’ compensation benefits are available for people who are injured in a workplace accident or who contract an occupational disease, they could also cover injuries resulting from a robbery or an assault by a customer. In such an event, it may be advisable to meet with an attorney to see if both the filing of a workers’ compensation claim and a separate personal injury lawsuit against a non-employer third party can proceed in tandem.