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Trucks placed out of service for brake violations


Trucks placed out of service for brake violations

On Oct. 20, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance released a report on the results of its annual 72-hour safety inspection campaign that took place in South Carolina and around the country in June. During the campaign, 21.5 percent of large trucks that were inspected were placed out of service because of safety violations as were more than 3 percent of the drivers.

The CVSA reported that 1,436 drivers and 9,080 trucks were placed out of service during the inspection blitz. Half of the vehicles that were placed out of service had brakes that violated safety standards. Among drivers who were placed out of service, the leading reasons were log book and hours of service violations.

The nonprofit organization reported that 62,796 inspections were performed across North America. More than 45 percent of the vehicle violations were for brakes, 18.5 percent were for tires and wheels, 11.8 percent were for lights and 6.1 percent were for cargo securement. Among drivers, 46.8 percent were placed out of service for hours violations, 6.4 percent for logbook falsifications and 1 percent for drugs and alcohol violations. During the campaign, 42,236 vehicles received level 1 inspections, which are the most comprehensive type of inspection that is performed in North America.

Federal trucking regulations are meant to reduce the risk of injury and fatality accidents involving commercial vehicles. When truck drivers and owners skirt the regulations, they place others on the road at heightened risks for serious injuries or death. People who have been injured in an accident caused by a drowsy truck driver or negligent maintenance may want to meet with an attorney to discuss appropriate ways of seeking compensation for their losses.