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Safety tips help composting workers avoid injury


Safety tips help composting workers avoid injury

Composting workers in South Carolina and across the United States have some safety tips to consider on the job. The Solid Waste Association of North America has published a safety guide for composting operations employees as part of their “Five to Stay Alive” program, which seeks to address some common workplace dangers.

Because workers in composting use heavy machinery and engage in serious physical labor, they face the possibility of serious injuries in case of a lax or insufficient safety environment. The SWANA campaign provides posters, flyers and other materials that provide advice and common safety tips for composting workers.

Solid waste and recycling collection remains the fifth most deadly job in the United States, with many workplace accidents on the job leading to serious personal injuries and even fatalities. These accidents can happen at any point in the collection and handling process, so safety assistance and information is particularly important for workers involved in these dangerous jobs.

Safety must be a top priority for composting workers, alongside other emphases on process control, compost science and managing odors. The safety materials developed by SWANA are available in both English and Spanish for download and use for people in the industry.

People in the solid waste, recycling or composting industries are at particular risks for severe workplace injuries. Even waste processing and the complex machinery involved can also cause serious damages on the job. People injured on the job are generally eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, and an attorney can often assist them in the preparation and filing of the required claim documents.