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New logging mandate for truckers


New logging mandate for truckers

Independent commercial truck drivers in South Carolina and the rest of the country will soon be required to use a new logging system. According to the federal government, the Electronic Logging Device mandate, which will be administered by the federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, will assist with monitoring and logging long-haul truck drivers.

The president of the United Independent Trucks of America states that the device violates the privacy of the truckers. In response to the mandate, truckers around the country have been protesting.

The FMCSA has advocated for the use of electronic logging in order to stop truck drivers from giving dishonest information on paper logs. The agency state states that the device will provide accurate tracking and management information.

The device works by linking to the engine of semi-trucks and recording the movement of the vehicles. It also details the length of time a trucker is behind the wheel. The information obtained from the engine will detail when the engine is in operation and if the vehicle is in motion.

Opponents of the mandates state that using the device will be unfair to drivers as they will only be compensated if the vehicle is in motion. They will not be paid for the time they have to spend waiting on a load.

According to the FMCSA, hundreds of crashes every year can be avoided with the device, which will ensure that fatigued drivers are not on the road. This assertion is disputed by opponents of the device who state that the true intent of the government is to eradicate small companies.

A personal injury attorney may be able to seek financial compensation on behalf of clients who sustain injuries in truck accidents. The truck driver, truck carrier and vehicle manufacturers might all be held liable any negligent behavior that contributed to an accident.