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Safety in warehouse environments


Safety in warehouse environments

South Carolina business owners who operate from their own warehouses and need contractors to come on site to conduct work should make sure that their sites are safe. There are several things they can do to accomplish this.

No matter the size of the premises, a site induction should be conducted for all new contractors who have to work on the site. This entails advising them of the locations of the closest fire exits and the fire assembly point. Site inductions may take time to complete, but they are necessary to keep visitors safe.

Because many business premises are built around warehouse environments, it is necessary to have plenty of built-in ladders available for contractors so that they can access their work safely. If a contractor has to conduct work on the roof, it may be necessary to obtain roof access ladders.

Having a clean and organized working environment is not only important for employees, but also for visitors. Warehouse environments tend to have hazards on the floor that may cause slips and falls. Business owners should encourage their employees to always maintain a tidy work environment to aid in protecting contractors that come on the premises to work.

It is also important that health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times in a warehouse environment. Doing so helps to ensure the safety of both employees and external contractors. Violations of the regulations may not only subject business owners to fines, but also result in injuries as well.

An attorney may be able to help the victim of a workplace injury obtain compensation. The lawyer may help file for workers’ compensation or file lawsuits against third parties whose actions led to an unsafe workplace.