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New OSHA program designed to protect South Carolina employees


New OSHA program designed to protect South Carolina employees

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has launched a new campaign designed to reduce the risk of death and injury to workers while on the job. The Safe and Sound Program urges employers to review their safety and health programs with a focus on improving an organization’s ability to reduce the risk of job hazards by identifying and controlling them.

OSHA is providing a number of resources to help organizations plan and implement safety protocols. Businesses can call OSHA for assistance with achieving safety compliance or visit the administration’s website to receive guidance on how to get started with creating a health and safety program. There is also information that’s specialized for the construction industry.

Along with a variety of educational materials, which are available in print and online, OSHA also provides consulting services for small- and mid-sized businesses. There are also training programs available as well as information about common risks to employees and how to prevent a variety of illnesses and injuries. Many of these resources are available for free.

When someone is injured at work, an attorney may be able to help him or her file a workers’ compensation claim that may cover the cost of his or her medical bills. These benefits may also make up for lost wages if an injured individual has to take time off work to recover from an injury. People who have been permanently or temporarily disabled at their jobs may be able to receive settlements even if their employers were not found to have been negligent. A lawyer could advise his or her client on what to expect in terms of the process and potential compensation.