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Preventing workplace eye injuries in South Carolina


Preventing workplace eye injuries in South Carolina

Every year, eye injuries that occur in the workplace cost more than $300 million in treatment, decreased productivity and compensation. This is not surprising since there are about 2,000 workers who require medical treatments for eye injuries every day. However, about 90 percent of these injuries could be avoided if workers wear the appropriate eye protection.

The injuries that people suffer may vary widely, and they include everything from eye strain to trauma leading to blindness or severe vision loss. These types of injuries are most common in the industries of mining, construction and manufacturing.

Although eye injuries are most common in industries that involve significant amounts of labor, individuals who spend extensive amounts of time in front of computers should also be aware of the potential harm caused by eye strain. Spending hours in front of a computer screen can lead to headaches as well as dry eyes if people do not blink often enough. To help avoid eye injuries of all types, the American Academy of Ophthalmology urges workers to wear protective eye gear, such as safety glasses or goggles at all times. Individuals who work on computers should reduce screen glare and take a break from looking at a screen every 20 minutes.

Individuals can develop medical conditions or fall prey to an injury at even the safest of workplaces. For instance, many office workers develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers’ compensation is available to help employees recover money for lost wages as well as medical bills. A lawyer could assist someone interested in applying for these benefits.