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NHTSA seeks rule changes for self-driving cars


NHTSA seeks rule changes for self-driving cars

The roadways of South Carolina and the entire nation might be very different in the near future as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is seeking to eliminate regulations that are currently preventing the approval of some self-driving vehicles. The agency is looking in particular toward vehicles that do not allow a human to take control.

Currently, there are 75 safety standards that automakers must fulfill. These standards were designed with the idea that a human would be in control of the vehicle. However, the regulations have seriously hindered the approval process for vehicles that do not need licensed drivers on board. A U.S. Senate committee approved a bill that will allow the NHTSA to waive requirements for self-driving vehicles within the next three years and issue exemptions for up to 80,000 self-driving vehicles in that period. In the meantime, more research would need to be conducted and the NHTSA must write new safety standards and regulations designed to address self-driving vehicles specifically.

Concerns with autonomous vehicles include many issues related to car accidents. Critics worry that self-driving cars might not make the right decision during a risky roadway situation. While these vehicles would have a significant amount of safety features included, traffic accidents often revolve around split-second decisions.

For victims of car accidents, particularly those injured by a self-driving car, the question of liability must be addressed. The victim might wonder who is responsible for the damages incurred in the incident. In such cases, they might choose to obtain the guidance of a personal injury lawyer.