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Avoiding accidents involving slow drivers


Avoiding accidents involving slow drivers

While most South Carolina drivers likely know the dangers of driving too fast, they may not be aware that it can also be dangerous to drive too slow. This is because driving too slowly for the general flow of traffic can cause confusion, prevent other drivers from being able to make safe predictions and ultimately lead to a car accident.

While any driver can drive too slowly, there are four general groups of drivers that other motorists should be on the lookout for. For example, distracted drivers, including those who are texting and driving, often unknowingly slow down when they are not paying attention to the road. Tourists may also drive slowly if they are not familiar with the surrounding area or if something catches their eye. Newly licensed drivers may also drive too slowly, especially if they are not yet confident in their driving skills. Finally, seniors and older individuals may drive more slowly due to biological changes and aging.

There are ways motorists can get around slow drivers without engaging in risky driving behavior, such as tailgating or speeding wildly past. Motorists stuck behind a slow driver should remain calm and give the slower driver a chance to move over. Flashing lights sometimes helps alert them that they are driving too slow. Otherwise, motorists can also give the horn a small tap.

Car accidents caused by slow drivers can be just as severe as those caused by speeding or reckless drivers. If a slow driver created a dangerous situation that resulted in an accident, a personal injury attorney could determine what options the injured victim has available. For example, if the liable driver was not insured or underinsured, the lawyer could turn to the injured person’s own insurance. The attorney could help the victim seek compensation for the medical bills, lost income and other associated damages.