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Motorcycle accidents can cause a range of injuries


Motorcycle accidents can cause a range of injuries

Motorcycle riders in South Carolina may face significant risks in the event of a crash. That’s why many motorcyclists use lots of safety gear in order to protect themselves when out on the open road. There are a number of studies that have inquired into the types of injuries that are most common in the event of a motorcycle crash, and this information can help motorcyclists make decisions that can help to protect their safety.

Between 2001 and 2008, over 1 million people were treated in emergency rooms across the country for motorcycle-related injuries that were not fatal. The Centers for Disease Control reviewed the records related to these injuries, tracking the most common events that were likely to occur in a crash. Leg and foot injuries were actually the most common, making up 30 percent of all recorded motorcycle injuries. Head and neck problems were the second most common, amounting to 22 percent of all injuries. Chest, shoulder and back injuries were the next most common, followed by arm injuries and hip or pelvis damage.

Another study assessed the severity of these injuries and how they are affected by the use of safety gear. Riders who wore helmets were shown to have more injuries, but they were, on average, less severe. Helmeted motorcyclists were also less likely to die in the event of a crash. Not surprisingly, the head was the most common location for fatal injuries.

Motorcyclists can face severe injuries and lifelong disabilities when they are hit by a car or truck. A negligent or dangerous driver can pose a particular threat to motorcyclists wearing even the most advanced safety gear. Someone who has been injured in a motorcycle crash can work with a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for the harms they have suffered.